Guest blog: Open Branding

Guest blog: Open Branding

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Gerard Kampijon of PappaGallis an entrepreneur with a vision for taking Open source and extending it into branding and marketing. We talked at length about the idea, about the confusion surrounding open branding and the difficulties and challenges of selling this idea. After several chats I invited Gerard to write a guest blog here so he can share his idea with you too.

From my discussions with Gerard my understanding can be summarized as follows: There is a well-documented movement underway to improve opportunities for innovation in software and hardware. There is the open software foundation, open development framework, open documentation standard; there is a whole movement growing up around the concept of openness in innovation and development. The idea is to allow individuals and small organizations a fairer playing field in technology development and innovation. A philosophy I fully support. Larger and better funded organizations have always had the advantage of deep pockets and time that historically, only money could buy. With the open movement everyone gets the chance to participate in and benefit from the same pooled resources of open development.

I hope you find this as interesting and informative as I did. Now, over to Gerard.

Open Branding

By Gerard Kampijon, PappaGallis

By Gerard Kampijon – PappaGallis

When I mention PappaGallis being an Open Source Brand most people are unsure about the concept and many are confused. I am writing this blog in an attempt to clarify the meaning of Open Source Branding. The concept of Open Source Brand is completely new; there is nothing like PappaGallis in the world.

Background: The open source movement

Open Source Software allows everybody to use the software, to modify, to adapt, to repackage in any way they want, with no charge and only a few restrictions, depending on the particular open source license model they selected.

Open Source Brand is like open source software projects, but for branding and marketing.

New producers often imitate established brands, an attempt to take advantage of the awareness of these established brands. It is even more tempting if the brand is hot and trendy. Of course this is questionable or in the most blatant cases illegal behavior. The companies who own the brands have invested a great deal of capital into creating and marketing their brand. They want and deserve to benefit from their investment.

New players face the same challenges in branding and marketing as they do in software and hardware development. So after reflecting on this problem I thought, Why not use the Open Source model for branding and marketing too? An Open brand could be used as a vehicle to create a hot and trendy brand?

Where are we now?

We have a brand, a logo, a website and a burgeoning community.

The brand name: PappaGallis


PappaGallis Logo

PappaGallis Logo

Did you recognize the head of the parrot in the logo? We talk about parrots talking, there are loads of YouTube clips that show talking parrots, they are usually good fun to watch. The fact is a parrot merely imitates the sounds they hear. I remember one YouTube video where the parrot, living beside a busy train track, would make a remarkably good if high pitched train whistle whenever a train passed the house.


There are a number of small producers exploring ways of enhancing their marketing reach by using PappaGallis as their marketing vehicle. We plan to grow the service with the help and support of likeminded individuals and small businesses who want to take advantage of the group dynamics offered with this brand.

Therefore we will need entrepreneurs all over the world who are willing to use the PappaGallis brand on their products.

Next steps for PappaGallis

We are looking to find individuals and small businesses who want to participate in the processof building and developing the brand while also using it as the branding vehicle for their product lines.

Participation allows you to minimize your direct outgoing marketing expense while benefiting from the maximized exposure and reach the open brand model offers.

Why participate in Open branding?

Through collaborative development of the brand we aim to hit global brand status fast. Your participation will help ensure that goal is achieved. You will benefit as much as the rest of the PappaGallis community from achieving the global brand target quickly.

Global reach through global participation will also offer consumers a unique buying experience. Perhaps a PappaGallis customer in Boston discovers – through their initial involvement with the brand – a product from France, also PappaGallis Branded, that they would never have seen. They buy it and tell their friends and neighbors about it too. Suddenly the French company member of PappaGallis has had their first US sale and are on the way to making an impression without the usual pain of having to re-establish their brand in an entirely new market.


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