Improving Google Search Results with Google Circles

Get Better Google Search Results with Google Social

By Rob FallaYour Presence Online

The guys and gals at Google have been working hard to improving your search experience. They have been forced to because the quality of Google search results has been suffering for some time now thanks in no small part to the efforts of search engine optimization practitioners who place a greater premium on fees then on content and use all manner of underhanded techniques to improve the positioning of a page. Google circles offers some hope that your search results will be better soon. If Google implement Google social search or Google circles properly we should all see better search results soon.

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Google gets serious about social search

Google have been working at improving the search experience pretty much since the start. With all the Social Media ‘gurus’ predicting Google being displaced by Twitter as the search tool of choice, and there are good justifications for such musings… what else could they do.

So Google has gotten serious about social search, but they seem to have applied the innovative breaks a bit early. Continue reading