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Roofers in Hamilton

There is a company specialising in roofing in Hamilton, Ontario with a reputation for providing great customer service. Those of you who have read this blog in the past know how important customer service is to your writer.

The roofers at Fix My Roof are well presented, polite, professional and skilled, naturally. Otherwise they would not be in business for several years already. There are plenty of roof repair contractors who are all of that.

What sets this company apart from the crowd, what really impressed me about this company, what made me want to tell you about them is their first rate approach to customer service. In the construction industry, in roofing in particular, you expect the contractor to get on with it, do a good job, leave the site, your property, as clean as they found it. Thats about it. You do also expect them to make right any problems. Fix My Roof try to keep you informed about anything significant during the job, come back to inspect and repair any problems with their work, and are just plain nice.

My relative had a job done by this company a few months ago. When an issue arose they called Bill to ask him to come out and look at it. Within the week Bill came over, had a look around, identified the problem, which was not part of the original job, and had it fixed in about ten minutes.

I don’t suppose this would happen every time, and I don’t think it would have been done as a freebie if it were not such a simple repair but I also know of no other roofing contractor in Hamilton who would have come out so quickly or just fixed it without requiring a full repair job. Thanks to everyone at Fix My Roof.